What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us.

 Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)

How everything began ...

Over many generations the viticulture has been part of our family life. For us siblings (Michael and Stephan Weber) it was our grandparents who gave us an understanding of what it means to be wine makers. Their passion for chores in the making of wine was passed on to us at a very early age. We loved to be part of this work, especially during harvest time when family and friends came together - not only to pick the grapes but also to celebrate with them the beginning of a new season.

Unfortunately, our parents weren’t able to continue their parent’s tradition of wine making due to time limits resulting from their careers. The only thing time permitted them was to continue to cultivate the vineyards and to sell the grapes to cooperatives.

Despite, or let’s say inspite of our parent’s occupational deviation we knew that it was our responsibility to bring our grandparents devotion to wine and the work in viticulture back to life. Both of us thus started a university career in this field at the university of Geisenheim. Thanks to our different majors (international wine business / viticulture enology) we complemented each other so that we were able to market our first Riesling in 2011. Motivated not only by compliments from friends and family but also thanks to accelerating sales, we decided to invest most of our free time in our own business: Weber Brüder (Weber brothers). In 2012, we hence managed to create two more expressive Riesling wines (Purist/Diabas trocken), which were filled at the beginning of 2013. One thing led to anther, so that we now own and cultivate 3 ha in Wiltingen and surroundings, enabling us to create seven different kinds of wonderful Riesling(s) .