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SaarRieslingSommer 2017


as a guest winemaker you can find us at the "Bischöflichen Weingütern" in Wiltingen, station nr. 7.

For the first time we will be presenting our latest vintage 2016 from noon until 6 pm.

Come and enjoy the last summer moments.


Yours Weber Brüder 



Konzer Heimatfest 2017 


Also this year we will be part of the "Konzer Heimat & Weinfest" this upcoming weekend. Due to an extraordinary location (#3) we will be very close to the stage an be able to charm your pallet with our 2015 Riesling. But that's not all! :) We started a new tradition last year and will continue it this year. Take potluck :)



Yours Weber Brüder 

"winemaker invited" - Weinhalle am Merianplatz


February 11th we were invited to present our Riesling in Frankfurt am Main. From 1pm to 5pm customers of the Weinhalle am Merianplatz were welcome to get a glance of our "winemaker philosophy" and thus as well as of the Saarregion. 

Thank you a lot for the invitation lovely Weinhalle & see you soon this year! :)

Yours Weber Brüder 

(W)einDutzend = young saar-winemakers


due to the celebration of 1200 years history of Schoden, young saar-winemakers presented their Saar-wines at its Bürgerhaus. Three hours of delicious wine degustation paired with an excellent after-show party. Everything we wished for! :)

Click here to get to our pictures.



Weber Brüder




From August 26 until the 28th we presented our new 2015th wine at the SaarRieslingSommer 2016, which is considered to be "the" wine event of the Saar. As a guest-winemaker we were part of station number 6: Bischöfliche Weingüter.

It was a very exciting weekend - not only because it was the first time that we presented our 2015 wine, but also because we had some novelties up our sleeves. Our new, dry Riesling "Adonis" entered the wine market. Would you like to try? Just contact us!


Yours, Weber Brüder


Moselschätze Designmarkt 2016


design & culture is what is most important for the asscociation "Kulturkarawane". They they created a market called "Moselschätze Designmarkt", where small, regional companies get the opportunity to present themselves and sell their (handmade) products. On Saturday 23rd we were part of this market and it was very beautiful. 


So see some picutres, check out Facebook


Weber Brüder



Konzer Heimatfest 2016


it was for the second time, that we are part of the wineries that present themselves at the Konzer Heimatfest a wine fair, that took place for four days. To not only "serve" but also include a little "fun", we created a game: #getyourpicturetaken. It was a blast!

For more information check out our galaery or facebook.



#weberbrueder :)


Saar-Pedal 2016


The bicylce-festival Saar-Pedal" took place May 15th and we were part of this event for the second time. Due to a change in location, we were able to enlargen our stand, which was very inviting for people to sit and relax after a long and exhausting bike ride. Looking forward to seeing you all again next year!



Weber Brüder



Wine & Taste Festival - Nürnberg


Last weekend (04.30 - 05.01) we were in Nürnberg - presenting our Weber Brüder wines at the Wine&Taste Festival. This wine fair is a rather unusual one within in the wine business. It's target group are young professionals, with a high awareness for quality and regionality. Thus, many winemakers and traders present their wines. On top of it there are many food trucks, delivering culinary delicacies and #winelovers can take part in extracurricular wine seminars. 

We are very happy that we were able to present us and our Riesling wines within this beautiful ambience! Many new impressions, many new friends & colleagues.


Yours, Weber Brüder


Melodica Festival 2016 - Weber Brüder Riesling


For the second time in Trier this festival already represents a “must go”. Its international living-room flair due to remarkable musicians or its regional but culinary cuisine guarantees a weekend full of pleasure.

It was an amazing weekend, with many beautiful acquaintances! Happy to be part of the next Melodica Festival Trier



Election of the most "rocking Riesling" in Frankfurt city


“Riesling is the most yummy grape of all grapes” – states the organizer of the second Riesling day in Frankfurt. 7 wine stores, 70 open wines (only Riesling) and many enthusiastic wine lovers. Corporately with the Weinhalle am Merianplatz, six other wine stores and all wine enthusiasts we had an exciting wine tasting day.

Our personal highlight: We (our “Aphrodite”- Riesling) won the price of the most “rocking Riesling”. We are very honored and excitingly happy!



Weber Brüder


Hopping Dinner Wiltingen - Station 2


this years "Hopping Dinner" took place in and around Wiltingen. From 5:30 pm we were were happy to introduce us Weber Brüder and our wines to the 25 participants. To welcome our guests we started with our "Rosaar 2014" a rosé wine made of Pinot Noir grapes. In accordance with our appetizer (carrot-ginger soup with shrimp) we presented our Diabas 2014 and our Aphrodite 2014. This sweet-spicy entrée harmonized in an excellent way with the acidity and the residual sugar of our Riesling wine.

Impressions of this event can be found here!


The second "hopping dinner" took place May 6th. It was our pleasure! 




All signs point to spring ... finally!


Spring kept us waiting for quit some time, however, shafts of sunlight enlighten our days and many good propositions make us look forward to this new growing season. New this year: we vegate the space inbetween the vine. This incorporates another method to get rid of weed, additional to our small sheep. We are very much looking forward to it! The pre-drawing works out perfectly!


Yours Weber Brüder


The year draws to a close ...


ahead of schedule :) the year 2015 comes to an end. It was a great and especially eventful year. Many new encounters in and around Wiltingen, the Saar-region and nation-wide beautified our time. Retrospectively one can say that 2015 already had a ideal start: Our new Quessant-sheep named "Roundup", "Katana", "Basta" and "Shark" were introduced to our family.

Full of zest for action we were able to organize, plan and undertake all events this year with joy and personal fulfillment. 


And let us tell you, 2016 is going to be even more eventful :) 

Yours Weber Brüder



Harvest 2015 - Wiltingen. Riesling.


We endured the harvest. Yes :)

Ever since the beginning of October we started harvest - and it couldn't have been any better. Right the first weekend we got support from friends from Israel and Lake Constance. They helped us organize and pick the first grapes. The beginning was set and the second weekend was planned and organized. This time, thanks to support from friends in and around Wiltingen, we were able to pick two vineyards and fill up our cellar. 

Now, the third and fourth weekend has passed - the cellar is full, the mood is excellent and we are positively anticipating 2015th Riesling. It's going to be amazing!

Click Here to see our motivation and to get some good impressions, click here :)

Yours, Weber Brüder 



The Saar-Winery-Weber Brüder in Wiltingen


after a long summer break we are finally continuing our long-time project. The foundation is build, the rooms are empty and the walls are dry. In order to being able to take advantage of the huge cellar and barn, we must continue to put a lot of manpower in and work hard. Shovels and picks helped us to dig a 2 m deep and wide hole, so that the roof pillars have a bearing wall. 


How do you call it? "Haste makes waste" :)

Yours Weber Brüder


 The "event" of the Saar-region


for the first time of our winemaker-carrier within the Saar-region, we were invited to take part at the 2015th SaarRieslingSommer. The last weekend of August (28th-30th of August) we were presenting our wine as "guest winemakers" at station 6 "Bischöfliche Weingüter". For more information click here or if you would like to see some nice picture click here



Weber Brüder


Bottling of 2015, Wiltingen


On Saturday the 23. of Juni 2015 we bottled our Riesling wine of 2014. Even though we had to fight bad weather conditions during the day, we were all happy to be working together. (And not only because of the "closing-time glass of wine" :)


Also this year the typicality of the Saar-Riesling appears extraordinary. Due to a more discreet acidity it matches the particular flavors of our different parcels. Be it herbal or fruity nuances - the Riesling of 2014 gives pleasure. 


If you're interested in how we bottle our Riesling just click here!


    Saar Pedal 2015, Witlingen


Last Sunday we were part of the 2015th "Saar-Pedal" (a bicycle-festival). Due to good weather and many hard-working bikers we had a lot of fun during the day.

The bike season is now to be opened :) 


Here are the pictures.



Successful naming of our greatest co-workers


Thanks to many proposals in diverse social media platforms, we were able to generate great names. So from now on, we will call our sheep: Roundup, Katana, Basta und Shark. You might ask yourself why? Because thanks to these little guys we can use our own herbicides, and be very organic at the same time :) Thanks to our precious friend Matthias, who came up with this great idea.


Yours, Weber Brüder


Employee of the month January, 2015


After only one month of loyal commitment, our new employees managed to gain the award of “employee of the month” :) You wonder who it is? Our four new “Ouessant” sheeps. Being the smallest sheep breed in Europe, these animals can perfectly be put in the vineyards to keep the grass short. Growing only up to 45cm, being rugged and always hungry – they are also called “ecological lawn mowers”. They thus support us to keep the grass underneath the vine short, which allows us to not use any controversial herbicides. We look forward to our first seasion with our energetic support!


Find pictures here


Wine market in the valley of Krettnach, 2014


The 4th weekend of November (11/22.23/14) was the weekend of the 32. wine market in Kettenbach - and us "Weber Brüder" were invited to be part of it. We were able to spend end enjoy two beautiful days with seven other winemakers from the region and many "Saar (river) wine friends".


Thank you very much for the invitation!


Grape picking 2014, Wiltingen


The German national day of unity marked the beginning of our grape picking season. Even though we had to handle abnormal and extreme weather conditions, we were able to continue with the grape picking season until 10/18/2014. In order to keep up our high quality standards, we had to include additional measures in the production due to a lot of rain which lead to rotting of the grapes. However, and here we would like to pay a special thanks to our hardworking volunteers, we were not only able to keep our (high) quality standards and get the needed work done, but we also had a lot of fun while doing so (see pictures “grape picking 2014”). Our volunteers helped us overcome each difficulty we had to face. Thank you so much for your great work!!!

Here, you can see the pictures!